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Mercenary Soldiers III

Bubbles SoulMates QUIZ
Fill out quiz see how you rate, Answer questions

Lovers Puzzle
Lovers Puzzle is a Valentine themed logic puzzle game that will put your brain to the test. Play it's 20 levels with your partner, and try to turn on all hearts for your lover!

Time Goes By
This is a music and driving game with 4 sections, once get finish all, you can play disk musics. But relax, it is not about racing, make sure your speaker is turned one and enjoy your feeling on the road.

Super Target Shooter 2
More shooting galore! Can you get the 5 badges (250+ points) for victory? Whats more, will you get the highest score online and become the best shooter in the World?

Let the blood be your guide
Walk through the spooky levels, and try to find your way out. Make sure not to touch any of those laughing orbs, I heard they bite.

Kid's coloring: Goldfish
Kid's coloring: Goldfish is free fun coloring game for You.

Puru Puru Fly To The Stars
Help Winged Puru Puru fly to the star. Avoid obstacles and collect all stars in 16 levels total.

Santaman & His Iced Muffins

Tropical Swaps - Combotastic
Swap the blocks & match the pieces in this new 'puzzle-mode' Tropical Swaps game!

Put all the animals together to solve the puzzles in Fusetastic, or build the biggest combo you can in Combo Challenge, but make sure your stacks don't get too high or it's all over!

Horses Game
Everyone loves horses.... complete the 6 puzzles here to see amazing pictures of horses

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