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Winx Mermaid Layla
You have to dive deep in this mission and pick up the magical shell and magical heart. But do not forget to pick up the diamond tobr replace your air and complete your task! Help Winx Mermaid Layla to collect all.

Alex the Adventurer (and the lost marbles)
A pick a path game where your objective is to help Alex the Adventurer find the lost marbles!

Memory Game
Test your memory and improve your concentration by matching pairs among 16 funny game pictures. The clock ticks down with every second, so play as fast as you can! You'll get points every time you make a match. Be careful, because you'll lose points every time you guess wrong. Ready to play the game? Good luck!

Carpenter's Cut
A puzzle based game where you must cut the pieces of wood into the required cuts.

Rick Triqui
Help Rick Triqui to beat all 25 levels
br Shoot all orange orbs to complete a level
br Great level design, reminds old-school platformers

Canary Hunter
The aim of the game is to capture canaries. To do this you need to control Granny on the flying carpet. Do nothing and Granny will drop to the ground and lose a life.

Elevens Shells
Elevens shells is the best puzzle and educational game in the app store
br Elevens Shells is a remake of the classic card game Elevens
br Your objective in this game is make a combination with the shells that add up to ELEVEN
br Make the combination faster to make combos and multiply your score
br In this remake you have 6 different levels to make the game more fun and difficult for the expert and intelligent users, because each level is more difficult than the before level.

Mafia vs cops
The bandits seized the city. They are doing what they want, killing, robbing, selling drugs. The district sent the police, but to no avail- all were killed. The district is now controlled by one boss. He travels on a brown armored limousine. Without it, they will be helpless. You are specially trained police officer
Your task is finally get the job done. Get to the gangster and kill him. Good luck.

A Bingo Knight
Game Name - 'A Bingo Knight'br br Game Description - 'A Bingo Knight' is the classic game of Bingo that is played with two computer-generated virtual players Sam and Kelly using virtual money. The Game includes a Bingo Caller, which actually speaks the bingo calls
br Goal - Win the game by earning more money through 6 winning stages
br Controls - Mouse Left Click onlybr br How to play - Numbers would be called one by one from 1 to 90 randomly. You would be given a Ticket containing 15 numbers generated using Bingo ticket algorithm. Click the announced number on your ticket if present. If you finish any of the six winning stages (i.e. 'Quick Five', 'Corners', 'First Row', 'Middle Row', 'Last Row' or 'Full House'), click on the 'Bingo' button to claim the money
br Winning Stages -br 1. Quick Five - Any five numbers on your ticket
2. Corners - First and last numbers of 'First Row' and 'Last Row' on your ticket
3. First Row - All the numbers of 'First Row' on your ticket
4. Middle Row - All the numbers of 'Middle Row' on your ticket
5. Last Row - All the numbers of 'Last Row' on your ticket
6. Full House - All the numbers on your ticket.

Liza Dress Up
Liza Dress Up Game, Liza Clothes and Dresses Game

Plumber 1
Connect the pipes and complete the flow.

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